Teachers' use of Mathematics Curriculum Resources in the 21st century: a cross-cultural project

  • van Steenbrugge, Hendrik (Project manager)
  • Krzywacki, Heidi (Participant)
  • Hemmi, Kirsti (Participant)
  • Remillard, Janine (Participant)


Through examining elementary teachers’ interpretations and use of curriculum resources in four cultural contexts, the research aims to increase understanding of the capacity required for teachers to use these resources well and the factors that influence it. The project is cross-cultural in that it is designed and undertaken by a team of researchers from four cultural contexts, Sweden, Belgium (Flanders region), the United States, and Finland. The project will examine teachers’ use of mathematics curriculum resources in each of the four cultural contexts and, additionally, will ask teachers to consider resources from ther cultures.

This project aims to increase understanding of elementary teachers’ pedagogical design capacity (PDC) and the factors that influence it by exploring how teachers from different cultural contexts interact with different types of curriculum resources. Particularly, we intend to extend the understanding in the field of teachers’ curriculum use to digital resources by analyzing the relationship between teachers and digital curriculum resources in a crosscultural setting. Also, given the lack of research that analyzes how teachers read and interpret curriculum resources in the planning phase for teaching, we aim to extend the current understanding of PDC in this regard as well.
Effective start/end date01/08/201731/12/2021