The 2nd International Study on Youth and Confirmation Work

  • Schweitzer, Friedrich (Project manager)
  • Ilg, Wolfgang (Participant)
  • Lagger, Dagmar (Participant)
  • Christensen, Leise (Participant)
  • Harbsmeier, Eberhard (Participant)
  • Innanen, Tapani (Participant)
  • Tervo-Niemelä, Kati (Participant)
  • Porkka, Jouko (Participant)
  • Siba, Balázs (Participant)
  • Hoeg, Ida Marie (Participant)
  • Krupka, Bernd (Participant)
  • Byrtek, Elisabeta (Participant)
  • Pettersson, Per (Participant)
  • Schlag, Thomas (Participant)


Research Project on youth confirmation work in nine countries in Northern and Central Europe (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland) and USA.
Effective start/end date01/01/201231/12/2017