The Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences

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    A research project for creating a virtual research infrastructure of Finnish scholarly terms

    Research objectives
    - The purpose of the project is to establish a bank of Finnish terminology for all disciplines of arts and sciences that are practiced in Finland. For this purpose, a survey of the existing Finnish language terminologies available for scholarly and academic practice will be carried out and set in the context of internationally established terminology work and concept formation. As the end product, the bank will consist of a multilingual extensive terminology freely available to all researchers.
    - A well-developed virtual research infrastructure of Finnish scholarly terms is a necessary prerequisite of successful communication in an information society, and highly relevant in societal interaction between researchers and citizens in Finland. At best, it will be of international relevance through uniting the European language communities.

    Research methods and material
    - Creating the terminological data bank for research activities implies the collecting, organizing and further development of the terminologies that already exist in different forms and locations in Finland. The project is initiated with a questionnaire addressed to the member societies of the FFLS. As the next step, a pilot project will be launched on the fields of linguistics, botany, and jurisprudence. During the five year period, as many of the terminologies from the member societies as possible will be collected and made publicly available in the FFLS server according to the principle of open access. The work will be
    carried out by one doctoral student and one post-doctoral researcher recruited from Finnish language students in UH for the whole five year period, in collaboration with the member societies of the FFLS, the experts of terminology in the RILF, and with specialists in information technology.
    Effective start/end date03/01/201131/12/2015


    • Koneen Säätiö

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