The Marble Seats of honour in Greek Theatres and Stadia

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    In Greek theatres and stadia very important persons were provided with special seats, thronoi. In co-operation with Dr. Vesa Vahtikari, assistant director of the Finnish Institute at Athens, we will undertake a study of the shapes of the thrones, the dimensions, the iconographic repertoire of the relief decoration, the inscriptions, and other literary information or historical evidence. We will also examine the later use of the thronoi, e.g. in Christian churches and as objects of collectors’ items. The aim of the study is a practical and comprehensive classification of the thrones, to complete the earlier publications by O.A.W. Dilke, The Greek theatre cavea, BSA 43, 125-192 in 1948, and Gisela M.A. Richter, The Furniture of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans, 13-33 in 1966. The fieldwork covers especially the Peloponnese and Attica, and several European and American museums with seats of unknown origin. This research belongs to the field of classical archaeology, covering characteristically several source groups.
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