The Modernization of the Criminal Liability Theory (in Finnish)

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The project aims at reforming the criminal liability theory to reflect the new generation research on specific types of modern criminality, and thus, to seek coherence amongst offence specific jurisprudential silos. Foreseeability of the justice system requires (an ideal of) a coherent criminal liability theory, this being a vital element in supporting functional use of criminal law in the legal decision-making.

The project, which is performed together with Professor Dan Frände and Senior Lecturer Dan Helenius, will result in a handbook covering the essential parts of criminal liability. The project is partly based on Professor Frände’s previous handbook ‘Rikosoikeuden yleiset opit’ (Edita 2012). The new handbook will be published during 2020 in Finnish and in Swedish during 2021.
Effective start/end date30/09/201704/11/2020


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