The People of Great Zimbabwe

  • Mtetwa, Ezekia (PI)
  • Peyroteo Stjerna, Rita (PI)
  • Löwenborg, Daniel (PI)
  • Ilves, Kristin (Participant)
  • Araújo, Ana Cristina (Participant)
  • Darmark, Kim (Participant)

Project Details


This is a multidisciplinary research project focusing on the whereabouts and nature of the burial grounds of Great Zimbabwe, one of southern Africa’s earliest and largest Iron Age civilizations. Whilst much is known about the technological and socio-political transformations of Great Zimbabwe, information of the people associated with these developments is scare. The aim is to understand more about the material and social practices of death in Zimbabwe, the settlement’s population history, health, diet and lifestyles within a framework of community archaeology, ethnography, landscape studies, mortuary archaeology and ancient DNA studies.
StatusNot started