The potential of circular economy in Southern Savonia

  • Hyyryläinen, Torsti (Project manager)
  • Hakala, Harri (Participant)
  • Virtanen, Markku (Participant)
  • Repo, Eveliina (Participant)

Project Details

Description (abstract)

According to SITRA’s research, the circulation economy has business potential up to 1.5 - 2 billion. In proportion to the population, this would mean about 45-60 million business potential in Southern Savonia. The main objective of the project is to determine potential of circulation economy in Southern Savonia in different sectors and activities.

The objective is divided into three parts:
1) Extension and development of existing activities
2) Finding conditions of the new sustainable business
3) General knowledge and awareness of the circulation economy

The project involves the following steps:
A) Mapping of how companies and municipalities who are currently in circulation economy, and could be involved in pilot projects in the future
B) Survey of know how of circulation economy in research and education organizations in the area
C) Assemble and analyze surveys
D) Write the report
E) The organization of the final seminar, presenting the results of the project

The project will result in:
1. The overall view of the potential of circulation economy potential of South Savo, and in which sectors should invest resources in the circulation economy.
2. Knowledge of the use of raw materials and by-products, which can improve the material effi-ciency.
3. "Circulation Economy in Southern Savonia" report
4. "Circulation Economy in Southern Savonia" seminar, where the project results will be presented to stakeholders 
Effective start/end date01/05/201529/02/2016