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In the gypsum treatment project in the catchment area of The River Vantaanjoki in 2018-2020, gypsum will be spread across a total of 3,500 hectares of agricultural field. The operation will reduce load of nutrients and suspended solids into The River Vantaanjoki and The Gulf of Finland, thus improving the ecological status of water bodies and enhancing their recreational value. The River Vantaanjoki gypsum treatment project is carried out by The John Nurminen Foundation, The Water Protection Association of the Vantaa River and Helsinki Region (VHVSY), The University of Helsinki, and The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The project is funded by private donors through The Foundation’s fundraising efforts, as well as The Ministry of the Environment of Finland.
Short titleVantaanjoen kipsihanke
Effective start/end date26/06/201831/12/2020