The successful supply chain of organic potato to professional kitchens

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The overall objectives of the project is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the organic potato sector by identifying successful procedures (best practices) in organic potato supply chain between producers and professional kitchens.

The specific aims are:
- to study the best practices in the creation of business relations between organic potato farmers and professional kitchens
- to formulate a code of practise and recommendations how organic potato growers can enlarge the market by supplying to professional kitchens
- to disseminate information about the market potential of the professional kitchens and the supply procedures between the growers and kitchens,
- to disseminate information about the characteristics of different organic potato cultivars suitable to professional kitchens.

In this project the successful organic potato supply chains and business relationships are investigated by interviewing the partners of organic potato supply chain (organic growers and professional kitchens). Based on the interviews the essential results are formulated to code of practise and recommendations. The results are disseminated to organic potato growers and producers as well published in Internet pages of ProLuomu and Finnish Organic Research Institute. The project is part of a national potato project administered by Petla, Potato research institute.
Short titleLuomuperunaa onnistuneesti ammattikeittiöihin
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2017


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Luomuperunan reitit - miten onnistuneesti ammattikeittiöön?

Hanna-Maija Väisänen (Speaker)
10 Nov 2017

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