The trace element and PGE elemental distribution of chromites: constraints on mineral chemical tracers in mafic-ultramafic host lithologies

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The hypotheses to be tested in this project are: a) the core to rim variability of Ru (and
other PGEs) and trace element concentrations in chromite crystals is systematic, b) the magmatic signatures in altered chromites are significantly overprinted from the cores to the rims, and c) the variability in a single lithological unit reflects changes in sulphide saturation with increasing degree of fractionation. Our project will be the first systematic in-situ analytical effort to determine the distribution of PGEs and trace elements in chromite from a single mineral grain scale to a regional scale testing whether chromite is a suitable indicator for barren versus mineralized origin in mafic to ultramafic host rocks.
Effective start/end date01/04/2020 → …