Typology of quantification: On Quantifiers and Quantification in Finnish and the Languages Spoken in the Central Volga-Kama Region

  • Suihkonen, Pirkko Marjatta (Project manager)
  • Solovyev, Valery (Project manager)
  • Rueter, Jack (Participant)
  • Egorov, Dmitry (Participant)
  • Galiullina, Gulshat (Participant)
  • Mansurova, Gul'nara (Participant)
  • Yusupova, Alfiya (Participant)
  • Kondrateva, Natalja (Participant)
  • Waibel, Andreas (Participant)

    Project: Research project

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    The main goal of the project has been to investigate the types of lexical quantifiers in noun and adverbial phrases, and constraints at the phrase level based on or caused by quantification. Another goal has been to prepare material which can be used in investigating quantification of these languages. The parallel data base prepared during the project consists of examples of lexical quantifiers in various syntactic contexts. Typology of quantifiers forms the general framework for the project. The sample sentences are glossed morphologically and translated into English. The first examples in the data base were prepared in the nineties. The data base published in the book is a part of a larger parallel data base which will be available on the following data banks: Multilingual Resourse Collection of the University of Helsinki Language Corpus Server (UHLCS) and Computational Linguistic Laboratory, Kazan Federal University, Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics.
    Effective start/end date15/01/200831/10/2013

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