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A collaborative research project between FIMM and UPM Biomedicals started in 2016. It focuses on growing patient derived cancer cell models, such as spheroids, in a three-dimensional culture using UPM’s new biomaterial, GrowDex®, and studying their drug responses.
Unlike conventional genetics -based approaches for individualized systems medicine, Kallioniemi group research strategy combines genomic profiling with direct testing of efficacies of drugs in patient -derived cells. Central to the success of this approach is to grow and test the patient derived cells in conditions mimicking the tumor microenvironment. Currently, the project focuses on urological cancers and ovarian cancer.
The cell spheroids are further studied by genomics, imaged by microscope to investigate the expression of cancer biomarkers, and tested for the drug sensitivities. The ultimate aim is to understand how the cancer cells of a particular patient react to different treatments.
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