WDF05-108 and WDF07-308 (2005-2013)

  • Qiao, Qing (Participant)

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WDF05-108 and WDF07-308 (2005-2013):

As a principal investigator, I have initiated, designed, obtained funding for an ongoing large scale community-based diabetes prevention project in Qingdao, China (QDDPP, trial registration identifier NCT01053195) (www.qddiabetes.org). The project targets at an entire population of 1.94 million, with aims to translate the trial experience to real life settings to: 1) raise public awareness of diabetes and promote healthy diet and physical activity; 2) reduce the number of high-risk people developing diabetes through lifestyle intervention; 3) at the end of the project, to evaluate the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, feasibility, acceptability and sustainability of the programs. In the 1st phase of the project (2006-2009)(budget €404 040) over 2641 community doctors, 910 school health nurses and 3 diabetes specialists received training courses of different levels; 724130 educational booklets were distributed to families and 332191 high-risk individuals recorded; 30-minutes radio broadcast program is ongoing every week since 2006 and at least 38 articles appeared in the local news papers. The main task of the 2nd phase (2009-2013)(budget €631 457) is to provide with lifestyle counselling to those high-risk individuals identified in the 1st phase. In addition, random population cohorts have been established within the framework of the prevention project and several publications based on the cohorts have been seen in international peer-reviewed journals.
Effective start/end date01/01/200531/12/2013

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  • 3142 Public health care science, environmental and occupational health