Welfare and Values in Europe: Transitions Related

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The project is an EU FP6 project. The overall aim of the project is to analyse the function of religion in Europe as a bearer of values of solidarity and social cohesion, or as a source of tension and exclusion. This project takes place against the background of the major transitions in the welfare state and the growth in religious activities in the domain of welfare. By shedding light on the degree to which religion, on the one hand, and welfare, on the other, are viewed as public or private matters, WaVE will entail a critical re-examination of theories of secularisation and counter-secularisation in the European context. The project will examine the role given to religion in welfare provision within religious models of church-state relations. It will also consider the particular influence of religious diversity on patterns of welfare provision. Through this exercise, WaVE aims to offer insight into the extent to which, in a context of rapid de-homogenisation of European society we see tendencies towards exclusion and conflict, within the domain of welfare provision. WaVE responds to a European Commission call for research on 'values and religions' in Europe. It covers 12 European countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, England, Germany, France, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Romania and Greece. The project will pursue its aims through in-depth qualitative research in dedium size towns focussing on majority-minority relations in the context of welfare provision in each of the selected localities. The Finnish case study will be conducted in Lahti.
Effective start/end date01/02/200630/04/2009


  • European Union FP6: €66,200.00

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