Yikuair Mobile Social Platform for the Enterprises(YMSPE)

  • Zhao, Yajie (Participant)

Project Details


YMSPE is an external project, and it is a thesis-writing-related case study. In order to obtain first hand information regarding IP concerns for foreign right holders in China from a practical perspective.

YMSPE is the world's first mobile social platform designed to serve workers of manufacturing and service industries. YMSPE offers solutions to support effective communications among workers and between the enterprises and their workers, optimize enterprise's human resource utilization and management, enhance workers' benefits, manage training resources, and facilitate knowledge sharing. Through various online and offline profit generating services, YMSPE is not only free for the enterprises to use but also share the profits with the enterprises. unlike other solutions which become the enterprise's cost center, YMSPE is enterprise's profit center that also serves the mobile social needs of the enterprises and their workers. YMSPE's first client is Foxconn International Holding and its million plus workers.

Effective start/end date01/06/201305/09/2013