Asthma is still a risk factor for mortality in Sweden and Norway ̣— the Nordic EpiLung Study

Helena Backman, Laxmi Bhatta, Linnea Hedman, Ben Brumpton, Iida Vähätalo, Paul G. Lassman-Klee, Bright I. Nwaru, Xiao-Mei Mai, Sigrid Anna Vikjord, Anne Lindberg, Bo Lundbäck, Eva Rönmark, Arnulf Langhammer

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Background: With increasing recognition and improved care, it is not established if asthma still is a risk factor for mortality in high income countriesAim: To study if asthma still is a risk factor for mortality in Sweden and NorwayMethods: In 2006-2008, population-based samples (20-69 years) were surveyed about asthma and factors associated with obstructive airway diseases. Of those invited, 6165 (77 and 10240 (75 participated within the OLIN Studies in Northern Sweden and the HUNT Study in Central Norway. The survey data were linked to national cause of death registries in both countries. Hazard ratios (HR) for risk of 10-year mortality related to current asthma were estimated by Cox regression models, both crude and adjusted for age, sex, former smoking, current smoking and socioeconomic status (SES) based on occupation.Results: The mean age was 46.4 years in OLIN and 47.3 years in HUNT, and the corresponding proportions of women were 50.9% and 54.9 During the 10 years of follow-up, 291 subjects (4.7 died in OLIN and 503 (4.9 in HUNT. The crude HR for mortality related to asthma was 1.52 (95%CI 1.12-2.03) in OLIN and 1.55 (95%CI 1.28-1.88) in HUNT. In adjusted analyses, the corresponding HRs were 1.81 (95%CI 1.30-2.53) in OLIN and 1.40 (95%CI 1.16-1.70) in HUNT. Older age, male sex, and both former and current smoking were also associated with 10-year mortality in both countries, whereas low SES was associated with mortality only in HUNT.Conclusions: Asthma is still a risk factor for mortality in the high income countries Sweden and Norway, also after adjustment for age, sex, smoking and socioeconomic status.FootnotesCite this article as: European Respiratory Journal 2019; 54: Suppl. 63, PA2778.This is an ERS International Congress abstract. No full-text version is available. Further material to accompany this abstract may be available at (ERS member access only).
Original languageEnglish
Article numberPA2778
JournalEuropean Respiratory Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2019
MoE publication typeNot Eligible

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