Aphis fabae (Scopoli, 1763) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) komplekso amarų morfometriniai tyrimai

Translated title of the contribution: Blackflies morphometric research in complex Aphis fabae (Scopoli, 1763) (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Silvija Budaviciute

    Research output: ThesisBachelor's thesisTheses


    Aphids are small sap sucking insects. Most agricultural crops serve as host plants for them. They are good model for understanding problems of evolution. The aim of Bachelor’s thesis was to compare Aphis fabae (Scopoli, 1763) complex subspecies using morphomeric and ecological methods.
    The data were collected in 2003 summer in Lithuania. The aim to measure individuals from species Aphis fabae collected form 22 different plant species in 7 different Lithuania’s regions chosen randomly. A. fabae complex is polyphage, so they may feed many host plant species. For this reason a list of plant species is given in the text.
    Measurements of specimens were performed using microscope “Olimpus“ and the computer program „MicroImage“ (Media Cybernetica, 1998). It was measured 17 different measurable parameters and 7 parameters were countable. These parameters were analyzed with discrimination analysis method with computer programme Statistics for Windows 5.5 (Statsoft, 1995). With a help of discriminate analysis the relationship between host plants and A. fabae complex was defined. From statistical assessment for different conclusion was made. A. fabae complex is polyphage, there are secondary host plants characteristic for every subspecies of A. fabae complex. A. f. fabae are closely related with aphis collected from Vicia faba and Chenopodium album. Discriminate and cluster analyses do not show relationship between aphids of these plants. A. f. solanella interact with Solanum nigrum. This subspecies is not common in Lithuania, but in 2003 summer it was found in Lithuania area. A. f. cirsiiacanthoidis and A. f. mordwilkoi are difficult to distinguish, but using cluster analysis separation is more reliable.
    Translated title of the contributionBlackflies morphometric research in complex Aphis fabae (Scopoli, 1763) (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
    Original languageLithuanian
    Publication statusPublished - 2004
    MoE publication typeG1 Polytechnic thesis, Bachelor's thesis

    Fields of Science

    • 118 Biological sciences
    • Aphids
    • species delimitation
    • morphometry

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