Describing Grammaticalization by the Cognitive Framework: A Case Study of the Finnish Stative Locatives

Kaius Sinnemäki, Yliniemi, Juha

    Research output: ThesisBachelor's thesis


    In this essay, we aim to show that the different functions of the Finnish stative locative cases can be derived from a common abstract scheme as extensions and specialisations. The main difference between the inner and outer locative cases in Finnish is shown to be their primary domain: for the inner cases it is three-dimensional space and for the outer cases it is two-dimensional space. We will also describe the metaphoric and pragmatic factors, which have their part to play in the grammaticalisation of the locative cases and the postposition päällä ‘on’.
    Original languageFinnish
    Publication statusPublished - 2002
    MoE publication typeG1 Polytechnic thesis, Bachelor's thesis

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