Digitaalinen Muoto-opin Arkisto 2.1: aineistopäivitys

Translated title of the contribution: Digital Morphological Archives of Finnish Dialects

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Digital Morphological Archives of Finnish Dialects (DMA) is a digital data base containing 362,388 morpologically coded dialectal clauses from 160 parish dialects of Finnish. In the parish collections, which are coded thoroughly, each clause has been assigned from 5 to 10 morphological codes. The Digital Morphology Archives are unique in that all the data is derived from spoken language.

An internet search facility developed jointly with the Finnish IT Centre for Science (CSC) allows quick and straightforward searches both from the entire material and from individual parishes or dialect areas. Digital Morphology Archives (DMA) is easily accessible via the internet.

The objecticive of the data base facilitate research on the rich morphology and other aspects of spoken Finnish by providing researchers with well-organised and easily accessuble data.

DMA data base is based on a paper archive containing about 500,000 paper file cards classified and arranged on the basis of almost a thousand grammatical category codes. The data the file cards contain are derived from spontaneous dialectal speech by linguistically trained field-workers during a 30-year period (from the 1960s to the 1990s). The data has been analysed and encoded to determine, for example, types of inflection and word formation and their use in the sentence, and particles and their related uses.
The paper archives are located in the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies in the University of Helsinki. The purpose of the Archives has been to facilitate research on the rich morphology of Finnish and to provide researchers with well-organised data on the dialects of different parishes.
Translated title of the contributionDigital Morphological Archives of Finnish Dialects
Original languageFinnish
Publication statusPublished - 29 Apr 2010
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