Establishment of a spontaneously transformed cell line (JU-PI) from a myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma

K.W. Fagerstedt, T. Salonen, F. Zhao, S. Kytölä, T. Böhling, L.C. Andersson

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review


Myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma is a soft-tissue neoplasm most frequently found in the distal extremities of middle-aged adults. Most myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma are low-grade tumors with propensity for local recurrence after incomplete removal. We report a myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma which developed in the foot of a 41-year-old male and showed an exceptionally aggressive course with metastatic spread and fatal outcome within 16 months. We managed to establish a spontaneously transformed continuous cell line, called JU-PI, from a metastatic lesion. The JU-PI cells have a sub-tetraploid karyotype including the 1;10 chromosomal translocation and amplification of the proximal end of 3p; these features are considered genetic signatures of myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma. Both the primary tumor and the JU-PI cells showed nuclear expression of the TFE3 transcription factor but TFE3-activating chromosomal rearrangements were not found. To our knowledge, JU-PI is the first established myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma cell line. JU-PI cells offer a tool for investigating the molecular oncology of myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma. © 2018, © The Author(s) 2018.
Original languageEnglish
JournalTumor Biology
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2018
MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed

Fields of Science

  • dacarbazine
  • doxorubicin
  • etoposide
  • ifosfamide
  • transcription factor
  • transcription factor TFE3
  • unclassified drug
  • vincristine
  • antineoplastic agent
  • mesna
  • vincristine, abdominal tumor
  • adult
  • Article
  • cancer palliative therapy
  • cancer radiotherapy
  • case report
  • cell growth
  • chromosome 3
  • chromosome rearrangement
  • chromosome translocation
  • clinical article
  • clinical feature
  • comparative genomic hybridization
  • disease course
  • disease exacerbation
  • DNA isolation
  • fibrosarcoma
  • fibrosarcoma cell line
  • foot injury
  • gene activation
  • gene expression
  • human
  • human cell
  • human tissue
  • immunohistochemistry
  • JU-PI cell line
  • leg amputation
  • lung metastasis
  • male
  • microsatellite marker
  • myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma
  • patient history of surgery
  • polymerase chain reaction
  • priority journal
  • recurrent disease
  • retroperitoneal cancer
  • scar tissue
  • transmission electron microscopy
  • treatment response
  • tumor growth
  • whole body CT
  • cell proliferation
  • gene translocation
  • genetics
  • karyotype
  • mortality
  • pathology
  • primary cell culture
  • procedures
  • soft tissue tumor
  • transformed cell line
  • tumor recurrence, Adult
  • Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols
  • Cell Line, Transformed
  • Cell Proliferation
  • Dacarbazine
  • Doxorubicin
  • Fibrosarcoma
  • Humans
  • Ifosfamide
  • Karyotype
  • Male
  • Mesna
  • Neoplasm Recurrence, Local
  • Primary Cell Culture
  • Soft Tissue Neoplasms
  • Translocation, Genetic
  • Vincristine
  • 3122 Cancers

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