Kääntäjäopiskelijoiden käsityksiä jälkieditoinnista: ”Se sotii niitä periaatteita vastaan, joita käännöskursseilla opetetaan”

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This paper presents a study on translator students’ perceptions on post-editing. Students from two different Master’s level courses were asked to post-edit machine translated texts and reflect on the differences between light and full post-editing, on the differences between translating and post-editing, on the role of error analysis and the use of the instructions given, as well as consider their own aptitudes in post-editor. The results show that their attitudes were mainly positive, but they felt that the task was challenging: leaving grammatical errors and “raw
translations” in the text were considered difficult. The majority of students also thought that making a full post-editing was easier than making a light post-editing. This was also reflected in their productions, as many students returned a light edit that corresponded to a full one.
Original languageFinnish
JournalMikaEL Kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen tutkimuksen symposiumin verkkojulkaisu
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Publication statusPublished - 2017
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