Quality of life in adult survivors of pediatric kidney transplantation

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BACKGROUND.: There are few studies assessing long-term adult outcome and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in former pediatric high-risk kidney transplant (TX) recipients. METHODS.: Twenty-one patients were assessed at mean age of 21.1 years. Mean age at first TX was 2.4 years. Brain arterial border zone infarcts had been documented in 54% of the children. HRQOL was assessed with the general 15-dimensional (15D) instrument generating an index on a 0 and 1 scale (1 for best). The results were compared with the corresponding childhood 17-dimensional instrument and an adult control group from the general population. Psychosocial adjustment was assessed with the ASEBA Adult Self Report (ASR) and compared with the childhood Child Behavior Checklist assessments. RESULTS.: Half of the patients (52%) had a secondary level general or vocational education. The educational outcome was evenly distributed (compulsory vs. secondary) regardless of previous childhood brain ischemia. The ASR Total Problems score was in the normal range for all patients. Four patients had scores in the pathological range for Externalizing or Internalizing Problems. There was a correlation between the childhood Child Behavior Checklist problem scores and the adult ASR scores for Internalizing and Total Problems but not for Externalizing Problems. Their mean 15D HRQOL index was 0.94 and lower than for the control group (0.97, P=0.04). There was a strong correlation between the childhood 17-dimensional and the adult 15D HRQOL index (r=0.63, P=0.003). CONCLUSION.: The long-term outcome is fair in former high-risk pediatric TX patients with neurological comorbidity. Childhood psychosocial adjustment and HRQOL may predict the outcome in adults.

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