Piezīmes par personvārdu maiņu Latvijā

Translated title of the contribution: Some Comments of First Name Change in Latvia

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Socioonomastics nowadays is particularly interested in the phenomenon
of name change, though this issue is not yet much discussed in Baltic
anthroponymy. This is the first insight in the phenomenon of first name
change, based on the data from the Office of Citizenship and Migration
Affairs of Latvia – namely, the lists of name change cases during 2004–2016
(in total, more than 12  616 individual cases). Unfortunately, the personal
motives of these changes are not available for researchers. However, the
lists of the changed names and the newly selected names testify of possible
There are several types of first name change: 1  → 1: the same name with
only a minor alteration of some diacritical marks, or a changed ending etc.
Piezīmes par personvārdu maiņu Latvijā 85
of a name (Diana → Diāna, Bruno → Brunis); the replacement of a name by
a very similar one, or a name starting with the same letter (Anna → Aina,
Līga → Lība); the replacement of a full name form by its hypocoristic form
(Aivars → Aivis). 2 or 3 → 1: the cases when the law of language economy has
been applied and two or three names have been changed to one (Rolands
Otello → Rolands), especially when the second name is unusual. 3→ 2: the
highly rare cases when three names are changed to two (Emīlija Malvīne
Paulīne → Emīlija Malvīne). 2  → 2: the cases when two names swap their
places (Ziedonis Jānis → Jānis Ziedonis). 1→ 2 or 3: the cases when, as it seems,
some persons wish to officially register their baptismal second or third name
which was not permitted in official documents during the Soviet era (Lilita →
Lilita Sandra Gundega).
Examples of these types of name change in Latvia reflect not only the history
of personal names, but also the name fashions and trends in different periods
of time, including the contemporary society.
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