Terminology work as open, communal and collaborative crowdsourcing practice of academic communities

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This article introduces the Helsinki Term Bank for the Arts and Sciences (HTB), as an innovative case of a terminology project which constructs a database of scholarly terms by offering a multidisciplinary platform for collaborative terminology work and niche-sourcing at the wiki-based internet platform. Moreover, the HTB is theorised as an Information Infrastructure (II) to present and dissect how a particular set of values is embedded and woven into the HTB's design and structure. Analysing the results of the two surveys aimed at the users and experts of the HTB in 2019, the article discusses how these values are transforming and evolving further in the HTB's multidimensional network of actors.
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Pages (from-to)56-79
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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  • LSP
  • niche-sourcing
  • information infrastructure
  • open science
  • terminology of the arts and sciences
  • values
  • wiki
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