The metaphysics and legal history: An interview with Michael Stolleis

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This interview seeks to elucidate some of the prominent points in Michael Stolleis’s writings, as well as his thoughts about history, society and the meaning of scientific work. The interview, as a way of considering his texts, allows the reader to better understand the dynamic nature of his works and possibly historical writing in general. The interview also concerns historiography as an academic and educated contribution to the shared meaning given to the past, written amidst and in the shadow of historically effective events. The topics of this discussion, the Historikerstreit, metaphysics in science and individual responsibility, further emphasize the constant intertwining of personal stance and collective meaning in written history.
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JournalLegal roots : the international journal of Roman law, legal history and comparative law
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2017
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Reinventing the Foundations of European Legal Culture 1934-1964

Erkkilä, V.


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