Udjahorresnet and his world

Melanie Wasmuth (Editor), Pearce Paul Creasman (Editor)

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The volume contains the following 14 papers:

Introduction: Udjahorresnet and His World: A Key Figure of Cross-regional Relations Reconsidered
Melanie Wasmuth (in collaborations with the other contributors to the volume)

Diplomacy in Ancient Times: The Figure of Udjahorresnet: An International Relations Perspective
Alex Ilari Aissaoui

Herodotus’s Perspective on the Situation of Egypt in the Persian Period from the last Saite Kings to Xerxes’ First Years
Reinhold Bichler

Udjahorresnet the Persian: Being an Essay on the Archaeology of Identity
Henry P. Colburn

Les Soutiens de Cambyse en Babylonie, de 539 à 522 av. è. c. (The Supports of Cambyses in Babylonia, from 539 to 522 BCE)
Francis Joannès

Udjahorresnet and the Royal Name of Cambyses: The “Derivative Sacrality” of Achaemenids in Egypt
Ivan Ladynin

Udjahorresnet, Democedes, and Darius I: The reform of the House of Life as Consequence of the Egyptian Physicians’ Failure to Heal the Achaemenid ruler
Francesco Lopez

Udjahorresnet’s Family and His Social Background
Nenad Marković

Fight the Power: Udjahorresnet and Petosiris as Agents of resistance
Allison McCoskey

Udjahorresnet’s Naoforo Vaticano: Acquisition and Exhibition
Cristina Ruggero

On the originality of Udjahorresnet’s Biographical Inscriptions
Alexander Schütze

The Shaft Tomb of Udjahorresnet at Abusir
Květa Smoláriková and Ladislav Bareš

Neith as Legitimator: Persian Religious Strategy and Udjahorresnet
Marissa Stevens

The Statues of Udjahorresnet as Archaeological Artifacts
Melanie Wasmuth
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020
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NameJournal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections
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Special issue of an online journal, published open access; secondarily published as a print-version.

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  • 615 History and Archaeology
  • Ancient Diplomacy
  • Persian Empire
  • Saitic Egypt
  • cross-regional contacts
  • Udjahorresnet
  • Historiography

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