Viranomaiset ja sähköinen kansalaisosallistuminen: asiantuntijahaastatteluiden perusteella luotu aktantiaalinen malli

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The present study investigates e-participation from the perspective of public administration. Unlike previous research, the aim is to describe the organisational processes and culture that af- fect the implementation of e-participation. The method is to analyse problems identified in in- terviews of six citizen participation specialists in the Finnish public sector. The interview data is analyzed using the actantial model. Based on this model, we observe, first, that the objective is defined using two different discourses: eco- nomic efficiency and a positive attitude toward public participation. Second, we note that help- ers are not clearly discussed in these interviews; the only helper explicitly stated is various com- mittees and working groups. Making these ex- plicit reflects issues in the semi-structural frame used in the interviews, and also demonstrates the working practices of government. Third, we observe several different opponents, which highlight organizational and personal problems. Such problems include lack of resources and poor ICT skills. The public organisation’s ways of working, including organisational boundaries and the legal framework, were also mentioned as opponents. Based on this study, the identity and processes of public administration should be in- vestigated further and analysis of helpers should be deepened.
Original languageFinnish
JournalHallinnon tutkimus
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)158-169
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 2011
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