265th Session of the European Committee of Social Rights

Petman, J. (Osallistuja)

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i.a., decision on the merits CC No. 74/2011 Fellesforbundet for Sjøfolk (FFFS) v. Norway; decision on admissibility and the merits CC No. 85/2012 Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) v. Sweden; decisions on admissibility for CC No. 86/2012 European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) v. The Netherlands, CC No. 89/2013 Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) v. Ireland, CC No. 90/2013 Conference of European Churches (CEC) v. The Netherlands, CC No. 92 Association for the Protection of All Children (APPROACH) Ltd v. France, CC No. 93 APPROACH Ltd v. Ireland, CC No. 94 APPROACH Ltd v. Italy, CC No. 95 APPROACH Ltd v. Slovenia, CC No. 96 APPROACH Ltd v. Czech Republic, CC No. 97/2013 APPROACH Ltd v. Cyprus, CC No. 98/2013 APPROACH Ltd v. Belgium; review of pending collective complaints; examination of draft conclusions 2013; an ECSR exchange of views with Mr Gerhard Reissner, President of the Consultative Council of European Judges

JP Rapporteur on Articles 12(2) and 12(4) (right to social security) (cycle 2013)
Aikajakso1 heinäkuuta 20135 heinäkuuta 2013
PidettyCouncil of Europe, Ranska
Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen