29. Nordiske Historikermøde -- Lutheranism & Social Welfare

Newby, A. (Puhuja)

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Nina Koefoed (Aarhus Universitet)
Åsa Karlsson Sjögren (Umeå University)
Andrew Newby (University of Helsinki)

Lutheranism and Social Welfare

ABSTRACT. social welfare from church to state caused major societal changes after the reformation. Sigrund Kahl has argued for the connection between confession and type of welfare system in Europe, between perceptions of work, poverty and responsibility within each of the three large European confessions and the way in which regional welfare systems have developed into the 20th century. In the medieval Catholic Church work was a sign of poverty, of the need to work. Voluntary poverty, as practiced by mendicant orders, was praised as living in the manner of Christ. The poor and sick was the responsibility of the church regardless of the root cause of their poverty. Poor relief was a way of being charitable, and of buying indulgence. Luther undermined this whole system through his rejection of indulgence and the notion of good works. Furthermore he emphasised the duty to work as a way to fulfil the will of God, and despised voluntary poverty as a sign of indolence and ungodliness. Instead social responsibility was built into the social relations of the household and state. The care of the poor and sick became the responsibility of the King as a father for his people, and in daily life of the father of the household. Through three case studies this session will discuss the consequence of the reformations for the development of different welfare systems within the early Nordic welfare system, focusing on Denmark, Sweden and Finland in the 19th century. At the same time the long lines from the reformations to the 19th century will be drawn as well as a comparative perspective on catholic welfare in Ireland.
Aikajakso17 elokuuta 2017
Pidetty29. Nordiske Historikermøde
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