Beyond Global Governance: Furthering South-South Cooperation and the Role of the BRICS

Gills, B. (Puhuja: esitelmän pitäjä)

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The Ascent of the BRICS

This is an 8000 word (draft) paper on the ascent of the BRICS countries in the world system, drawing upon theoretical constructs from the work of Janet Abu-Lughod's theory of world systemic change, and world system analysis of Andre Gunder Frank and Barry K Gills. It assesses the trajectory by BRICS nations in the context of global crisis post 2007-8 and examines the question of "hegemonic transition" in the world system. It discusses the issue of "relative decline" of the existing hegemonic powers and "relative ascent" of the BRICS. It concludes with a critical analysis of the limitations of the BRICS "challenge" to date within the existing global structure. The paper is included in a special issue proposal accepted by Third World Quarterly for publication in 2016, co-edited by Kevin Gray and Barry K. Gills, entitled "Rising Powers and South-South Cooperation".
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