BRICS Global Experts (Ulkoinen yksikkö)

Gills, B. (Asiantuntijajäsen)

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BRICS GLobal Experts

A global group experts on global studies, global economics, and political studies, involving academic, business and private sector experts to provide research and global expert opinion on the most significant BRICS initated projects which will qualify for funding from the (BRICS) Development Bank. BRICS Global Experts is a standing organizarion, working in cooperation with BRICS country governments, ministries, and specialized government institutions. leading universities, scientific and research centers, business laboratories and independent experts take part in the collaborative work. The group will include 100 experts and 25 scientific and research centers of BRICS countries.

Expert member Membership continues throughout 2015 (365 days)

Body affiliation: BRICS
Aikajakso15 tammikuuta 201431 joulukuuta 2014
PidettyBRICS Global Experts, Venäjä
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