Consortium leader for Fabrication of bacterial biofilms via artificial nano(bio)components; Academy Programme Synthetic Biology (FinSynBio; ArtFilm

Pia Vuorela (Palkinnonsaaja)

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In the Academy Programme Synthetic Biology (FinSynBio;, researchers from a number of different fields join forces to, for instance, engage in quantitative analysis and modelling of biological processes and process engineering to create new properties. This research consortium (funded to 2,1 Meuro) is coordinated by prof. Pia Vuorela, University of Helsinki. The other members of the consortium are:
prof. Mark Johnson, Åbo Akademi University; prof. Markku Kulomaa, University of Tampere; prof. Mikael Lindfelt, Åbo Akademi University; prof. Jouko Peltonen, Åbo Akademi University and docent Pekka Varmanen, University of Helsinki.
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