Prosody and action formation

Giovanni Rossi (Opettaja), Sari Mirka Marjaana Rauniomaa (Opettaja)

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Drawing on research in the field of conversation analysis, this course covers topics in the study of action formation and ascription, that is, how people use the resources of language, body and context to construct social actions (e.g. questions, requests, offers, assessments) that are, in turn, understood as such by others. The course focusses on the role played in this process by prosody, with special regard to intonation (i.e., the suprasegmental phonetic features of utterances that convey non-lexical meaning). Upon completion of the course, students will have acquired a set of core notions and analytic skills for examining the relation between language and social action. Instruction consists of a series of face-to-face meetings including lectures, class discussions and group work. Students are required to complete readings and possible other assignments and to actively attend classes throughout the course. Assessment is based on the students’ participation in meetings, on their preparation of readings and other assignments, as well as on a final exam. The course is meant for students in linguistics and related disciplines who have already had some exposure to social, pragmatic or interactional approaches to language
Aikajakso14 maaliskuuta 2016 - 13 toukokuuta 2016
Tapahtuman otsikkoProsody and action formation
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SijaintiHelsinki, Suomi
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