FEBS Short-Term Fellowship: Biohybrid conjugates of therapeutic proteins: Heat Shock Proteins as example

Marinus Gerardus (Marco) Casteleijn (Palkinnonsaaja)

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The applicant will learn and apply ‘click chemistry’ to heat shock proteins for imaging purposes as previously shown by the research group of Prof. Jan van Hest, who is a big expert in the field. Via ‘click chemistry’ a single methionine can be conjugated to for example: (i) a fluorescent dye (as shown before by Jan van Hest et al. [2010]) , (ii) a very specific epitope , (iii) of a His-Tag or biotin for protein purification via magnetic beads, or (iv) a radio-labeled marker for a higher resolution for in vivo imaging. Our aim is to apply chemical modifications and protocols of the research group of Jan van Hest in combination with CFPS developed at CDR. Furthermore, if time permits, polymersomes, an invention of the Jan van Hest group, can act as valuable tools for protein transport into the cell, for example by conjugating proteins to its surface.
Aikajakso28 toukokuuta 201225 kesäkuuta 2012
PidettyRaboud University , Alankomaat
Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen