Freedom of Expression and Web site Administrator´s Liability for Insulting Content in Social Media

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As a space for open communication, social media and the Internet enables the formation of online cultures (and countercultures) where individuals express their ideas and opinions to larger groups of people. Unfortunately, the potential created by social media is not always used for the common good and social-media venues have become platforms for both information and disinformation, enabling new forms of opinion manipulation and fraud. Due to the rapid changes in the technological environment, new ways of insulting people have emerged. Insults can have a larger impact, are spread wider and are available for a longer time.

The European Convention on Human Rights sets limits and gives guidance on how much the freedom of expression can be criminally or by tortious liability limited – and correspondingly – how much protection should be given to the right of private life. The aim of my presentation was to explain, what kind of remedies does the current legislation give to protect against publishing insulting content online. The focus was on the criteria which the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has laid down when defining the scope of liability of online content service providers in some of its recent cases. The question to answer was, under what conditions is the administrator of a website liable for content which is defamatory and posted by a third party. I will publish later a research article on this topic.
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