Kim Solin and others

Wallgren, T. (Isäntä)

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Research cooperation

As director of The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives I am responsible for accepting visitors at the Archives. I also assist the researchers in their work on location, together with the curator of the Archices, dr. Bernt Österman. We usually have 3-6 international visitors a year working at the Archives for a total of some 300 days per year

Kim Solin. Peter Westergaard, Alois Pichler, Nuno Venturinha, Christian Erbacher and other scholars from some 10 countries have during the last 7 years visited the Archices (directed by me) to do original philosophical research work on location for stays varying in length between 2 days and several years.
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Mistä vieraileeThe von Wright and Wittgenstein Archices of the University of Helsinki (Ruotsi)
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