Konsultointi Mari Mäkiön taideprojektissa Onomatope - Tests for Sonic Sculptures

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Konsultointi onomatopoeettisuudesta ja äännesymboliikasta Mari Mäkiön organisoimaan taideprojektiin. Kuvaus:

"A test laboratory-like installation, in which visitors can test touchable, sound producing objects, was presented in Central Library Oodi’s Kuutio space in Helsinki, Finland. In the installation, forms and materials are combined in various touch-based methods of making sound.

The installation on exhibition in Kuutio has been created by a work group, formed by sound designer Jani Hietanen, artist Mari Mäkiö, ux/ui consultant Marko Tandefelt and designer Erin Turkoglu. In the project we have studied sound symbolics and language, especially onomatopoetic phonemes, and the way in which language and sound are connected to bodily experience, form and matter. The installation is the result of our work group’s tests with various materials, sensor technologies and ways of producing sound, made with the aid of Avek’s Vieteri grant."
Aikajaksohelmikuuta 2019
PidettyOnomatope - Tests for Sonic Sculptures
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