Networks of Energy Experiments for Sustainability Transition in Finland (plenary)

Matschoss, K. (Puhuja), Repo, J. P. (Puhuja)

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The development of sustainable energy production and consumption has become an object of considerable experimentation. This paper examines sustainable energy experiments as actor-networks and uses a large Finnish database to identify connections between key characteristics in such experiments. The analysis reveals which kinds of sustainability transition processes are expected to proceed jointly, and to which less resource have been dedicated. As actor-network theory considers also non-humans as actors, it is well suited for the examination of networks between people, technologies and places. Our approach that looks beyond the perspective of individual cases provides novel, systemic knowledge which can be used to promote sustainability transition. The actor-network analysis of the experimental cases is executed with a Gephi visualization and exploration software. Particular focus is on energy sources, energy technologies, sites, forms of energy use and locality. Three clusters of sustainable energy networks identified in the analysis relate to urban consumption, rural production and electric transport
Aikajakso7 heinäkuuta 2018
Pidetty15th Biennial conference of the International Society for Markets and Development
Tapahtuman tyyppiKonferenssi
SijaintiChisinau, Moldova
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