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Scherrer, Y. (Puhuja)

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The web site has been online since 2014. It presents various interactive visualisations of the Swiss German dialect atlas SDS (Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz). Besides a set of digitized feature maps, it also provides results of dialectometric analyses as well as prototypes of machine translation and dialect identification systems for the entire German-speaking area of Switzerland. In this paper, we present three recent developments of this web site:
- The mapping backend has been changed from Google Maps to Leaflet.
- The data set has been extended with additional digitized SDS maps.
- The same interactive backend has been applied to new sister projects which present interactive visualisations of French, Italian and Romansh dialect data. These sister projects have been realized in collaboration with the Salzburg dialectometry group under Prof. Hans Goebl and are based on the ALF (Atlas linguistique de la France) and AIS (Atlante linguistico ed etnografico d'Italia e della Svizzera meridionale), respectively. Taken together, the SDS, ALF and AIS dialect maps cover all four linguistic areas of Switzerland.
We will also provide an outlook on future projects.
Aikajakso18 kesäkuuta 2019
Tapahtuman otsikkoVernetzung und Nachhaltigkeit in der digitalen Geolinguistik: 2. Arbeitstagung VerbaAlpina
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