Nordic countries' approach to learning analytics: Course Diaries - One's reflection is others' feedback

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Typically, universities collect summative course feedback after the course. This is not enough. Teachers are demanding more. Students are demanding more. They deserve it and the higher education institutions should be paying attention here as teachers’ and students’ success generates institution’s success. Feedback activities can have a medium or large impact on school engagement and achievement. Related, the teacher-student relationship can yield positive or negative consequences. Further, students do not feel comfortable in sharing all their data anyway we could collect it. They do have, and should have a say on how their data is collected and how it is used. To tackle these challenges, we have developed an online feedback and learning reflection tool that records student’s emotional status among other dimensions through a self-report method. First and foremost, this tool, Course Diaries, aims to answer to the student’s needs and targets during the course through adaptive learning and teaching, and by activating students’ metacognitive learning. Second, due to the structured design of the tool, the data can service course development over the years and inform wider e.g., degree program and curriculum level development. In this speech, we will have a look at the system from multiple points of perspectives: theoretical background, students’ view, teachers’ experiences and academic leadership.
Aikajakso26 elok. 2021
PidettyUniversity of Copenhagen, Tanska
Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen