One hundred years that shook the World: emancipatory hypotheses

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The centenary of the Russian Revolution comes as an opportunity for CES to promote a broad reflection on the emancipatory paths that have crossed the world in the twentieth century and on its inheritances, legacies and limits. As a symbol of the hopes and stalemates of a new socialist model, 1917 provides an analytical opportunity to think about experiences and projects that, in their wake and beyond, have been building alternative paths to capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy. At a time when emancipatory hypotheses seem to be pulverized, this international meeting will seek to critically reflect on the changes that have occurred throughout the twentieth century and on the place and nature of the imagery of social transformation and liberation today.
Aikajakso24 marrask. 201725 marrask. 2017
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SijaintiCoimbra, PortugaliNäytä kartalla
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