Paul Boyce

Sorainen, A. (Isäntä)

Aktiviteetti: Vierailijan isännöinnin tyypitIsännöity akateeminen vierailu Helsingin yliopistossa


Research visit (Dean's Decision C/31, 31.10.2018): 1. CoreKin Tutorial 20Dec 2018 with Anna Avdeeva and Alisa Zhabenko (commenting on their Special Issue article drafts), 2. Developing a 2019 Marie Curie Application for Dr. Boyce, 3. Drafting a joint Workshop Proposal on Queer Grief for the Hki Gender Studies Conference 2019 , 4. Discussing the potential Academy of Finland Strategic Consortium Funding Application (CULT or STEER) with Prof. Kris Clarke, Dr. Paul Boyce and Dr. Antu Sorainen, 5. Meeting with Prof. Tuija Pulkkinen and other Hki GS Studies staff to discuss Dr. Boyce's future visit in the SKY Doctoral Program (May 2019), 6. and other future collaboration ideas (ie. the potentialities of the Trans-Atlantic Call etc), 6. Planning a special Issue in 2021 on Queer Grief
Aikajakso17 joulukuuta 201823 joulukuuta 2018
Mistä vieraileeUniversity of Sussex (Britannia)
Vierailijan tutkintoDr, Senior Lecturer
Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen