Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster (PSSRC) (Ulkoinen yksikkö)

Strachan, C. (Hallituksen jäsen)

Aktiviteetti: JäsenyystyypitJäsenyys tai muu rooli tutkimusverkostossa


University of Helsinki representative

The research network consists of researchers with complimentary expertise from the Universities of Cambridge (United Kingdom), Copenhagen (Denmark), Düsseldorf (Germany), Ghent (Belgium), Graz (Austria), Helsinki (Finland), Leuven (Belgium), Lille (France), Lisbon (Portugal), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Otago (New Zealand). The research focus is on the development of novel solid pharmaceutical dosage forms and strategies to ensure the quality of medicines.

The cluster was formed to catalyse research activities in the solid state by sharing facilities, collaborating on specific projects and giving research students the possibility to engage with other researchers in the area.

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The appointment as University of Helsinki representative was from 1.9.2012. There is no end date, at this point in time.
Aikajakso1 syyskuuta 2012 - 29 tammikuuta 2013
PidettyPharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster (PSSRC), International
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