Presentation "Women`s integration and prison in Nordic countries and Russia"

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Rehabilitation is a key component in Nordic correctional treatment. Northern values of human rights are an integral part of the Scandinavian reputation. Russia also gets the first positive results, conducting a new prison reform, announced until 2020. Scandinavia has always represented for Russia both the best example of good European model of societal development and warning example of alien or even hostile civilization to the Russian civilization grounded on traditional values and norms.
It is, of course, not easy to export cultural and social values across borders, but systems and approaches that have proven functional, can at least act as an inspiration to others. Initially, it is clear that the mechanical transfer of the northern experience to Russian reality has no meaning. It is also important to convey some Russian knowledge on this issue to the Nordic countries.
Aikajakso23 elok. 2019
Tapahtuman otsikkoIn­ter­na­tional sem­inar in the Finnish Institute in St-Petersburg "Wo­men's in­teg­ra­tion and prison in Nordic countries and Rus­sia"

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