Seminar: Women, Music, and the World

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The Etnosoi! seminar at Oodi Library focuses on female musicians, transcultural cooperation and crossing borders. The seminar consists of two segments with a break in between. Between spoken presentations, we’ll hear live and recorded music.

The first segment focuses on accordionist Viola Turpeinen, who became hugely popular in North America in the early twentieth century. Music history researcher Saijaleena Rantanen presents the topic in a lecture entitled "Up, Women!” – Working-class women of Finnish background and music in early- twentieth -century North America. Riitta Kossi and Päivi Takala will present material that they have collected over several years for a documentary film on Turpeinen.

The second part of the seminar focuses on an international project called "World Wide Women – Female Musicians Crossing Borders and Building the Future", which will be presented for the first time by its working group. Presenting the project at the seminar will be postdoctoral researcher Elina Seye, musicology doctoral researcher Ying-Hsien Chen, flutist and singer Jenni Hanikka, kantele player and singer-songwriter Marjo Smolander, researcher and musician Siboné Oroza, artist Antti Nordin and researcher Nina Öhman.

The seminar’s final schedule will be published in October. The event is free and open to anyone interested. The event will be held in Finnish, with the exception of Chen's Japanese kantele presentation, which will be in English.
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Tapahtuman otsikkoEtnosoi! Festival Seminar: Women, Music and the World
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