Teacher education for equality and equity in the post-pandemic era. Examples from China and Finland

  • Loukola, S. (Puhuja: puheenjohtaja)
  • Xiaoxu Liu (Järjestäjätoimikunnan puheenjohtaja)

Aktiviteetti: Tapahtumaan osallistumisen ja tapahtuman järjestämisen tyypitKonferensseihin, kursseille ja seminaareihin osallistuminen ja näiden järjestäminen


Educational inequality has become a persistent and complex international issue nowadays, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound global impact on educational policies and practices. Discrepancies and gaps exist and even grow between different economic, regional, gender, racial/ethnic, language backgrounds in terms of educational opportunities and outcomes. Teacher education plays a significant role in responding to educational inequalities. Therefore, teacher education with a stand on equity and social justice needs to be explored in order to create effective change towards more just education systems globally and locally. These two workshops aim to explore how contemporary discussions on teacher education are recognized and made relevant for teachers and students teachers in the Chinese and Finnish contexts.

Questions to discuss:
-What is teacher education for equality and equity?
-How teacher education for equality and equity is conceptualized in the Chinese and Finnish contexts?
-What are the practices of educational inequity in the Chinese and Finnish contexts?
-What are the program structures, policies, and practices that constitute equality and equity-oriented teacher education?
-What recruitment and admissions strategies in a teacher education program can promote the equality and equity goals?
-What is an equity-centered teacher education program structure/training mode? How to design it?
-How to infuse educational equality and equity into the teacher education curriculum?
-How to prepare student teachers to teach for equality and equity in real classes?
Aikajakso6 kesäk. 202310 kesäk. 2023
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SijaintiHangzhou, Shijiazhuang, KiinaNäytä kartalla