The MoEDAL Experiment at the LHC

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MoEDAL is one of the LHC experiments, designed to search for anomalously ionizing messengers of new physics. It combines passive nuclear track detectors (NTD) with magnetic monopole trapping volumes, while spallation-product backgrounds are being monitored with an array of MediPix pixel detectors. In addition a new sub-detector for MoEDAL: MAPP (Monopole Apparatus for Penetrating Particles) is being installed in one of the service tunnels located at 55 to 25 meters from IP8. This will allow the experiment to extend its physics reach in long lived particle searches.In this presentation I will introduce the detectors and their physics reach. After a brief introduction, I will report on MoEDAL’s progress to date, including past, current and expected future physics output. I will also present the work that is done at the Helsinki Institute of Physics on developing Geant4 simulation models for the experiment, and on the optical scanning and the analysis of the NTD foils.
Aikajakso25 maalisk. 2021
Tapahtuman otsikkoPhysics Days 2021
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