The Yellowsphere Glocalisation of the Yellow Vests movement in Finland

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The Yellow Vests - Gilets jaunes - movement started in France in November 2018 and spread all over the world: Serbia, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Taiwan... These movements can be seen as globalised in a sense that they are echoing with each other, however they also have roots that are purely national (Brancati & Lucardi, 2018), making them glocalised. Despite having different roots and revendications, these Yellow Vests movements share the same starting point: they developed online, especially on Facebook groups, sharing and strengthening a common feeling of disenfranchisement. Recent research on the French Yellow Vests (Bornstein, 2019) has shown how these groups - led by controversial grassroots figures whose racist, anti-Semitic and conspirationist misdemeanors have been made public - quickly became a space where the crisis narrative (Moffitt, 2016) became entangled with far right ideas, conspiracy theories, anti-media and anti-elite positioning. Notwithstanding the divergent demonstration culture and socio-economic background of the demonstrators between the Nordic countries and France, the Yellow Vests movement did spread to Finland, offline but mostly online - Facebook groups and website, from which the data is collected. This paper will explore two aspects of the Finnish Yellow Vests movement. Firstly, to which extent the ‘crisis’ narratives on the Yellow Vests are transnational and domesticated from France to Finland. Secondly, how grassroots Yellow Vests in Finland have mobilised themselves and what is the role played by social media and countermedia in this mobilization.
Aikajakso26 toukok. 2021
Tapahtuman otsikkoESA RN 15 Midterm Conference 2021: Global Soical Change: Ideas, Beliefs and Interests
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