Transformative Practices: Resisting evictions in Lisbon Metropolitan Area

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The presentation draws from an on-going PhD research on forced evictions in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA). Forced evictions have recurrently been approached as a phenomenon of the Global South, related rural land crabbing or urban slum clearance, ejecting people from their homes in the name of “progress”. However, there is increasing evidence of violent displacement from the Global North, related new forms of social inequality and heightened housing insecurity (Brickell et al. 2016: 1-2). The city of Lisbon and its metropolitan area provides a fascinating case to investigate these dynamics. Lisbon is a European capital, and thus a city of the Global North, but at the same time is has often been conceptualized as a semi periphery, as an intermediating space between the North and the South, or, an example of the “South of the North” ((Nunes and Serra 2003: 216). In terms of eviction, in Portugal, there is a long history of demolition of shanties, in a process during which only a part of population has been offered alternative housing, resulting in some parts of population being simply displaced. These expulsions continue until today in some Portuguese municipalities, such as Amadora and Vidigueira. This is an interesting backdrop to the more recent phenomenon of financialization of housing and the evictions from private rental apartments.
Aikajakso16 marrask. 2018
Tapahtuman otsikkoInternational Conference on Building Resilience: Risk and Resilience in Practice: Vulnerabilities, Displaced People, Local Communities and Heritage
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