Transnational criminal law

Nuotio, K. (Puhuja)

Aktiviteetti: Puhe- tai esitystyypitKutsuesitelmä


If international criminal law is a concept already relatively well-known, the concept of transnational criminal law is still a relatively new one. Neil Boister has proposed an understanding that whereas international criminal law proper is based on values and principles, the transnational criminal law only is about state's collaborating in addressing issues of cross-border criminality. Accordingly, transnational criminal law deals with international illegal market, where criminal activities often are organised and run for profit. Transnational criminal law deals with a rather scattered set of topics, and the aim is to strengthen the enforcement of the agreed norms by means of international treaties. In my talk I will present this scene and discuss the problems in creation of transnational criminal law, as the most powerful states have had a biggest say in the drafting of such treaties. As a result, transnational criminal law of today has some problematic features, which should be addressed: it should be enlightened. I also talk about how we could relate an enlightened version of transnational criminal law with law and development studies. Finally, we will have a look if and how transnational criminal law could be transformed and become a genuine global criminal law.
Aikajakso17 marraskuuta 2020
PidettyPeking University Law School, Kiina
Tunnustuksen arvoKansainvälinen